Superior Canine Services


    teenager on drugs

    Superior Canine Services offers a private way to find out about drug use in the home so parents can handle the problem in the best way for their teen. Our K-9 teams recognize:

    • Cocaine & heroin
    • Methamphetamine
    • LSD & Ecstasy
    • Marijuana & more
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    Public & Private Schools

    School counselors, deans, parent groups and school superintendents turn to Superior Canine Services as the source for keeping their schools safe and drug free. We search:

    • Hallways & lockers
    • Social areas & dorms
    • Gyms & locker rooms
    • Parking lots & vehicles
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    Office & Commercial

    Canine drug detection services are the right answer for many types of businesses suffering loss of productivity due to drugs in the workplace.

    • Warehouses
    • Industrial parks
    • Hotels
    • Office buildings
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